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The air in the forest feels cool, crisp and refreshing. It is believed this effect is due to the phytoncide given off by plants and trees. Please enjoy the slow monorail ride in the forest and that will give you the feeling as though you are trekking the mountain. You will appreciate the benefit of nature as people in Japan commonly engage in so-called forest bathing to breathe in phytoncides emitted to try to improve their health. The overall length of the monorail ride 4,600 meters, the difference in level 590 meters, the sharpest slope at 40 degree, the highest point at 1,389 meters, those figures at Okuiya monorails come first in the world record among tourist-orientated monorail service.
*We adopt electrically powered monorails, which are environmentally friendly.

Address Sugeoi, Higashi-Iya, Miyoshi City
Open-Close 8:30~16:00 (Apr - Sep) / 8:30~15:30 (Oct & Nov) * Will not take further booking when reached the full capacity for the day
Holiday Closed on Wednesday (but operates if it falls on a national holiday) and 1/Dec - 31/Mar (in winter season)
Parking lot Please use the parking lot of Iyashi-no-Onsenkyo.
Access Get off at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32 bound for Kochi→Take the Prefectural road 45→Take the Prefectural road 32→Take the National route 439 bound for Mt. Tsurugi→Okuiya (Journey time is approx. 2 hours by car.) By bus - From JR Oboke St., take Shikoku Kotsu Bus bound for Kubo (Change at Kubo bus stop)→Take the Municipal bus bound for Mt. Tsurugi→Get off at Sugeoi bus stop→20 minutes walk to Okuiya
Contact Okuiya-Kanko-Shuyu-Monorail Station
Phone 090-7781-5828
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  • 奥祖谷観光周遊モノレール
  • 奥祖谷観光周遊モノレール
  • 奥祖谷観光周遊モノレール
  • 奥祖谷観光周遊モノレール

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