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Iya Valley and The statue of the Peeing Boy


A dizzying succession of sheer cliffs line a steep gorge carved out of the mountains by the Iya River. This majestic and beautiful valley stretches out for 20 kilometers and cliffs at the height of several dozen to hundreds of meters will be covered by fresh vegetation in spring and beautiful foliage in autumn. When looking down the winding emerald green river from the cliff top, you may feel dizzy as it looks far below, but offers you the beautiful view of river curves along its rim. As a symbol of innocent courage, a statue of a peeing boy stands at the edge of 200m precipice, where is noted as the most dangerous spot in the Iya Valley. In the old days, the local children and travelers stood up here and urinated to show their bravado.

Address Matsuo, Ikeda Cho, Miyoshi City ~Nishi-Iyayamamura, Miyoshi City
Holiday N/A (Open daily all year round)
Admission free
Parking lot
Access Get off at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32 bound for Kochi→Take the Prefectural Road 32→The statue of the Peeing Boy (Journey time is approx. 50 minutes by car.) By bus - From JR Awa-Ikeda Stn., take Shikoku Kotsu Bus bound for Kazura Bashi→Get off Furonotani Bus Stop
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  • 祖谷渓・小便小僧
  • 祖谷渓・小便小僧
  • 祖谷渓・小便小僧
  • 祖谷渓・小便小僧

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Photograph in surrounding

  • 夏の祖谷渓(ひの字)
  • 夏の祖谷渓(ひの字)
    祖谷渓 小便小僧 (紅葉)①
  • 夏の祖谷渓(ひの字)
    祖谷渓 小便小僧(紅葉)②

Contributed photo

  • 水と緑と温泉と
  • 水と緑と温泉と
  • 水と緑と温泉と
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