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Rest Area Mino is situated by the prefectural road, Naruto-Ikeda line and this is the only spot on the north of river where you can stop and enjoy a fine scenery of Yoshino river. The view of the sun setting beyond the mountain and its reflection onto the river surface is particularly beautiful and is something not to be missed. The scene of people enjoying fishing Ayu (Sweetfish) in Yoshino river are seen here and there in summer, which is the thing of season. There also is the small shipyard of Kandori-Bune (Small fishing boat for Ayu fishing) nearby. Local farm products are sold directly to people and farmers are particular about their agricultural produce.

Address 1909-1 Aza Fudo, Ohaza Tachino, Mino Cho, Miyoshi City
Holiday None, but restaurant & shop closed on every Monday, market hall for local farm products closed on New Year's eve and New Year
Admission free
Parking lot bus:3
Parking space available for 3 large vehicles, 20 cars and one car space for people with disabilities
Access Get off the express way at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 32 towards Takamatsu→Take the Prefectural road 12→Rest Area Mino
Contact Rest Area Mino
Phone 0883-76-2050
Fax 0883-76-2010
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  • 道の駅三野
  • 道の駅三野
  • 道の駅三野

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  • 吉野川上空を飛ぶ
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