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Edo-Higanzakura in Shimokubo


Edo-Higanzakura is a species of cherry tree and its name is probably derived from the fact that it blooms around the spring equinox. This kind is also known for longevity among various kinds of cherry trees and some are still standing after 2,000 years. This particular cherry tree of Shimokubo is said to be over 300 years old and 4 main trunks spreading out at the height of 1.2m above the ground have even more branches of their own. The tree has grown to the height 19m, the circumference 6.66m and its root spreads 34.2m east & west, 24.8m north & south. It is standing alone stately on the ground. Today, this cherry tree is still very much in excellent form and looks dignified. The tree was designated as the natural monument by City of Miyoshi in September 2011.

Address Kitashota, Ikawa Cho, Miyoshi City
Open-Close N/A
Holiday N/A
Parking lot car:2
Access Take the exit at Ikawa-Ikeda IC → Route 192 (Bound for Tokushima) → Prefectural road 140 → Municipal road (whole journey takes 25 minutes by car.)
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  • 下久保のエドヒガンザクラ
  • 下久保のエドヒガンザクラ

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