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Ikawa X Park is a sport park and is situated in the south of Ikawa-Ikeda IC. Ikawa X Park introduced the new sporting attraction called “Zorbing”. Zorbing is the practice of humans traveling in a sphere, generally made of transparent plastic, usually for fun. The sphere is a double-hulled sphere, with one ball inside the other with an air layer in between (here 3.2m in diameter, with an inner sphere size of 1.8m). This acts as a shock absorber for the rider. It is performed on a gentle slop of 15 degree, allowing the rider to roll downhill. You can experience the thrill of unknown. Wet type sphere holds about 40 litters of water/warm water inside and it will roll with a rider sitting inside, while the other type is the one with straps to hold the rider in place. why not experience zorbing? You can also try the skate-boarding or Inline roller skating in this park.

Address 1919-1 Nishi-Ikawa, Ikawa Cho, Miyoshi City
Open-Close Opening hours: 10:00am-6:00pm (28 Apr - 30 Sep) 9:00am-5:00pm (1 Oct - 31 Oct)
Holiday Tuesday (Next day if it is a national holiday) and end of October -beginning of April (Closed for winter season)
Adult : 700yen- Child : 500yen- Please ask at the entrance for various rental fees.
Parking lot car:20
Access Get off the express way at Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Take the National route 192 and drive for about 200m towards Tokushima→Turn right into the Municipal road→Ikawa X Park(The journey takes approx. 10 minutes by car from the exit at Ikawa-Ikeda IC.)  From JR Awa-Ikeda Station, take Shikoku Kotsu (Iuchi Line)and get off at Ohgu Bus Stop→15 minutes walk to Ikawa X Park
Contact Ikawa X Park
Phone 0883-78-3430
Fax 0883-78-3428
  • イカワエックスパーク(ゾーブ)
  • イカワエックスパーク(ゾーブ)
  • イカワエックスパーク(ゾーブ)
  • イカワエックスパーク(ゾーブ)

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  • 国見山から雲海
  • 国見山から雲海
  • 国見山から雲海
  • 国見山から雲海
  • 国見山から雲海
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