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“Dekomawashi” is a dish of Hodoimo (a kind of potato), Tofu ( beancurd) and Konnyaku (devil’s tongue) roasted on a bamboo skewer with a miso (soybean) paste on around the open-fire. Named after its shape as the skewered, occasionally turned over while being roasted looks like a puppet of a traditional ningyo joruri (puppetry).
Grilled Trout with salt

Skewered freshwater fishes called “Ayu” and also “Amego” are grilled with a plenty of salt in the open hearth inside house. “Ayu” and “Amego” belong to trout family and are queens of river fishes.

Buckwheat porridge

Dishes using buckwheat were once staple diet in Iya region, where the land was and still is more suitable for growing wheat. Thus, Iya is known as a region where the dish of buckwheat porridge originated. Porridge includes chicken, various vegetables and other ingredients. The legend says that fleeting Heike warriors made the porridge or cake of buckwheat, feeling nostalgic for their old city, Kyoto.
Iya Soba
(Soba noodle in broth or in dipping sauce)

As in the folk song “Iya no Kohiki Bushi”, the women of Iya long ago hand-milled buckwheat turning the stone mill. Iya Soba is characterized by thick and short noodles. Savoring this simple but flavorsome noodle will warm up your heart and body as well.

“Hilala” means a flat stone and “Hilala-Yaki” is a dish cooked on the heated flat stone. At first, you cover the stone and make the oval embankment around it by miso-paste and place “Amego” fish, beancurd, vegetables, etc., within. Then, they will be cooked on the hot stone. This dish is very aromatic and will be enjoyed, especially at camp.
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